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College Introduction

Aletheia University is located in Tamsui, where the cultural relics and distinguished talents gather in this center of development in northern Taiwan, with a rich atmosphere of historical and humanistic significance. In the early days, Dr. MacKay established the Oxford College, which made this place an important base forearly Taiwan to receive Western culture.

In order to inherit and continue this kind of humanistic tradition, the College of Liberal Arts is designed to adhere to the philosophy of embracing the world while setting its foot on Taiwan, paying attention to local literary studies while participating in the research and discussion of international academic society. We expect to contribute to the Taiwan society by training students to become the vanguards who value the local culture, stay keen to the changes of the modern society, and hold an open mind when in contact with the foreign culture. Speaking of the development of the college, it is characterized by the emphasis on local culture and the participation of the international community for academics.

In order to make up for the less emphasis on the humanistic spirit with allocation of more resources on business development in the past years, we eagerly promote the humanistic quality of the University by formulating specific measures such as hiring resident writers and artists to provide students with a rich and diverse learning environment.

After being approved by the authorities to set up the Department of Music Applied Studies, the College of Liberal Arts made even more progresses on the aspect of conducting not only the research and preservation of local traditional music but also research and development on the history of Western music education in the Taiwan society – all geared toward cultivating music and art talents of high standard.

Moreover, in cooperation with the policy of University to replace the existing general education, the College of Liberal Arts is responsible for curricular design and a provision of faculty to offer coursework that emphasizes both humanities natural sciences.



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